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Japan – Israel Sign Important Defense MOU

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): “I applaud the important agreement that was signed this morning with the Japanese Ministry of Defense. The agreement will deepen and strengthen security relations between the countries. We have brought Israel-Japan relations to an all-time high.”

Israel Arutz7 reports that the MOU between Israel and Japan was signed at a celebratory ceremony today at the Japanese Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tokyo. This agreement is expected to strengthen and deepen the defense cooperation and relations between the two countries. The MOU was signed by the Director of Security for the Defense Establishment, Mr. Nir Ben Moshe, accompanied by the Israel Ambassador to Japan, Mrs. Yafa Ben Ari. Japan was represented by Director General, International Affairs, Mr. Suzuki and Director General, Equipment Policy, ATLA Mr. Aoyagi.

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