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ICG Accelerate – Israel Embassy in Japan New Project Introduction

Introduction of Singular Manufacturing Technology (Industry 4.0) for Skin Care

Israel Embassy in Japan special Economic Section, introduction of ICG Accelerate’s latest innovative project involving Singular manufacturing (batch of one) especially engineered for the skin care industry . Using the latest in Robotics manufacturing technology – the new venture aims to provide production of personalized skin care products. Each skin care product shall be formulated and then produced for the individual.

The project is aiming to co-develop the multi-level robotics solutions with the joint involvement of Israeli and Japanese expertise and take part in bi-lateral R&D programs.

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Israel Japan startup pitch 2020 was delivered online due to COVID-19 and was a great success. ICG Accelerate CEO, Mr. Chihiro Sawai was acting as one of the 8 judges.
Mobile Expo Israel 2020
ICG Accelerate takes center stage in supporting the 2020 – Online Pitch Challenge: Japan and Israel in Post Covid-19 Era. Other sponsors include Embassy of Japan in Israel, Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce, JETRO, Seven&i HLDGS, docomo, Mitsubish Tanabe Pharma.

The purpose of the Online Pitch is to find most promising startups in Israel for the post-Covid-19 era ( ) . These include technologies within the Society 5.0 category and particularly Digital Health and Industry 4.0/Mobility.

The deadline for submission of application is August 20,2020 and the winners will be announced in September 2020. Competition winners will receive 2 air tickets to Japan and roadshow introduction to potential investors and partners. Mr. Chihiro Sawai, ICG Accelerate CEO will be one of the 6 to judge at the event.

Israeli technology has gained respect globally for the past 25 years with global tech multinationals such as Microsoft, Google and Samsung. More recently Japanese business leader have had an opportunity to join the growing number of overseas investors to Israel.
Israel Kimono Tokyo 2020

NHK world news has reported that ‘The Kimono Project’ which is creating kimonos for every country and region participating in next year’s Tokyo Olympics. Out of around 200 participants, 170 or so kimonos have already been completed. Akira Akiyama was selected to make the kimono for Israel.

Israel is preparing its delegation for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics where expectation are running high in the fields of Judo, Sailing and Track.

He is a star designer in the bridal kimono world and is renowned for his lavish designs. He allowed us into his studio for the first time to show us the secret of his creativity.

Israel Kimono Tokyo 2020

Israel Japan Military

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): “I applaud the important agreement that was signed this morning with the Japanese Ministry of Defense. The agreement will deepen and strengthen security relations between the countries. We have brought Israel-Japan relations to an all-time high.”

Israel Arutz7 reports that the MOU between Israel and Japan was signed at a celebratory ceremony today at the Japanese Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tokyo. This agreement is expected to strengthen and deepen the defense cooperation and relations between the two countries. The MOU was signed by the Director of Security for the Defense Establishment, Mr. Nir Ben Moshe, accompanied by the Israel Ambassador to Japan, Mrs. Yafa Ben Ari. Japan was represented by Director General, International Affairs, Mr. Suzuki and Director General, Equipment Policy, ATLA Mr. Aoyagi.

Israeli Finance Ministry raised $140 million from a Japanese strategic institutional investor in a private bond placement this week. The amount isn’t particularly large, but the treasury’s decision to call the investor “strategic” is intriguing.

Cooperation between Israel’s UVeye and Toyota Tsusho

UVeye's Full Automatic Vehicle Inspection System Based On AI

A press release issued by UVeye an Israeli vehicle inspection system provider states; “UVeye is expanding it’s reach throughout Japan by deepening cooperation with Toyota Tsusho’s aftermarket department. This is another step in the direction of developing a full automatic vehicle inspection based on AI.

The system will be deployed in auction sites and used on Toyota‘s used cars. It will reduce the cost of today’s vehicle inspection and will increase accuracy. Uveye will contribute to the evaluation of the life cycle of vehicles by detecting any anomaly such as an oil leak, rust, dents, etc.

UVeye provides high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, using advanced technologies that include proprietary hardware combined with machine learning and computer-vision algorithms. The technology developed by UVeye, enables users to automatically scan, detect and identify anomalies, modifications or foreign objects from all sides of any vehicle, while it drives by, in a matter of seconds.

The detection

Israel to Launch Historic Private Mission to the Moon

If the SpaceIL mission is successful, Israel will become the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon, after the Soviet Union, United States and China.
Time magazine reports that SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries told a news conference that the landing craft — dubbed “Beresheet,” or Genesis — will take off from Florida, propelled by a SpaceX Falcon rocket on its weekslong voyage to the moon.
Current shortest flight (by way of connecting flight in Moscow) take 15 hours and 10 minutes, the proposed direct flights will take 11 hours and 30 minutes.
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